Urogynecology is the combined practice of urology and gynecology, typically dealing with pelvic organ prolapse, voiding, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Although it is estimated that greater than 17 million women suffer from some type of voiding dysfunction, most are reluctant to discuss these personal issues with a doctor, either out of embarrassment, or the belief that there is no treatment because it is a natural process resulting from aging or childbirth.

However, there are treatment options, and the physicians at Women’s OB-GYN, are highly motivated to provide unique and progressive care for patients afflicted with voiding and pelvic floor dysfunction.  The providers at Women’s OB-GYN not only offer an interventional approach, but one that is also educational and supportive.

The multi-step evaluation program begins with the recognition of a problem, followed by a physical examination of the pelvic organs.  Most cases of voiding dysfunction occur with some degree of pelvic prolapse; to ignore any of these defects would be detrimental to evaluating the proper treatment method.

After the medical evaluation, each patient’s treatment method is specifically tailored to her needs.  Treatment can range from pessary placement for pelvic prolapse to cystometric evaluation of urinary incontinence.  From there, management may consist of pelvic floor retraining using Kegel exercises, or the more sophisticated training with biofeedback.  Although some women may require corrective surgery, Women’s OB-GYN believes in trying conservative measures before going immediately to the operating room.