Proper obstetrical care is very important for both the health of the baby, and the mother.  To ensure that the pregnancy is progressing in the healthiest way possible, Women’s OB-GYN follows a specific appointment schedule.

During the first appointment, the expectant mother will undergo an ultrasound, before meeting with Becky Gruenberg, R.N., the OB Coordinator at Women’s OB-GYN.  During the second appointment, which should follow the first by 2-3 weeks, the patient will receive a physical examination, and then begin regular appointments with the physician.  At roughly 28 weeks gestation, the patient should have a follow up appointment with Becky Gruenberg.

Regular appointments with physicians are typically scheduled every four weeks, until 30 weeks gestation is reached.  After the pregnancy has progressed into the 31st week, appointments should be scheduled biweekly.  Once 36 weeks gestation has been reached, patients should be seeing their physician on a weekly basis, until labor begins.  However, these appointments are subject to change if complications arise, or additional tests, such as ultrasounds, non-stress tests (NSTs), or amniotic fluid tests (AFIs), are scheduled.

Expectant mothers are encouraged to invite family members to these obstetrical appointments, as the staff at Women’s OB-GYN understands that pregnancy is a very important time for the entire family.