Welcome Pregnancy Letter from Womens OB

Dear Mom’s,

The providers at Women’s OB-GYN would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy. We want to make sure that you and your baby are as healthy as possible during your pregnancy, but we need your help. During the course of your obstetrical care in our office, we will have you do different lab tests, procedures, and possible consultations with specialists. We expect you to do these in a timely fashion.

Your first set of labs will be provided to you by Becky, our OB coordinator. Please have them done before your next office visit with us, so that we can go over the results at that time. If they are not done, we will be seeing you weekly until they are.

Generally, the second group of labs takes place at 28 weeks gestation, and is the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes. The lab slip will be provided prior to that office visit, and the labs should be done the week before your visit with Becky around 28 weeks. Again, if these labs are not done, you will be seen weekly until 30 weeks. If the labs are not done by 30 weeks, you may be dismissed from our practice. The same will hold true if you have to do a three hour glucose test. It needs to be done no later than 32 weeks.

We will take the best care of you and your unborn baby, but we just need your help in order to do so. We thank you for your cooperation, and congratulate you on the new addition to your family.


The Physician’s and Staff of Women’s OB-GYN, P.C.